Extensive Product Offering
We currently offer a wide range of products including:
Furniture | Home Decoration | Kitchenware | Pet Supplies | Garden Tools | Outdoor Products | Sports Goods | Musical Instrument etc.
We attend the industry exhibitions regularly to seek new product ideas. In addition,we work with factories to learn about their new product innovations and development.


Product Improvement & New Design
We regularly collect and analyze sales data/reviews from our online stores to understand customer needs and pain points.

We take the feedback and insights to the team. The goal is to fulfil those gaps and improve our product experience.

We aim to provide the best product experience that fit customer needs.

Supplier Quality & Performance Control
Key Measurements:

Quality management certificate (i.e. ISO certificate)
Raw material quality
Production process stabilisation
Packing material quality
Production reliability
Order delivery speed
Patents in the UK
Manufactures inspection in yearly basis
Random product inspection by 3rd party(i.e. SGS)