UK Import & Customs Clearance
Our logistics partners can handle import customs clearance at all major ports, airports and terminals in the UK.

We have exclusive warehouses based in London, Northampton, Birmingham, Gloucester to store our inventory properly.

Our warehouse help to check and verify product quality after shipments arrive at the UK.

Warehousing and Inventory Management
Our haulier partners have very good relationship with Amazon UK. They help us deliver shipment to Amazon distribution center (FBA) in a timely manner.
An effective inventory management in FBA can ensure consistent product supply to our Amazon customers.

Whereas, the warehousing system allows us to manage the inventory to the most productive level.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment
Pick and pack is a method of order fulfillment often used by e-commerce sellers who receive small orders to be shipped around the globe.
E-commerce retailers rely on workers who pick individual items from master bins on fulfillment center shelves and then pack them into boxes or envelopes addressed to specific customers for shipment.
Our Warehouse have the ability to provide pick & pack fulfillment service for our customers.