AMZ Realtime Ltd
AMZ Realtime Ltd is an integrated e-commerce company based in the United Kingdom.

It supplies a variety of consumer goods, such as furniture, home decoration, kitchenware, pet supplies, garden tools, outdoor products, sports goods and musical instrument, etc.

AMZ Realtime Ltd serves the entire UK market through Amazon UK store/eBay UK store as well as our own online store.

AMZ Realtime strives to supply high quality products at a competitive price with a fast delivery service.

We have a strong sourcing and marketing team based in China and a fulfillment team based in the UK.

We are committed to design and provide products to make people live a simple and comfortable life.

Our vision - Reaching a smart life in a click - is to help customers choose and enjoy the best range of products and services.

We believe in the power of e-commerce to improve lives and to help people stay productive, healthy, and entertained.

We’re here to help everyone enjoy those benefits through our dedication and expertise.